Middle East 2011 Group Buy Watch

Middle East 2011 Group Buy Watch

Grand BazaarSince Group Buying websites are on the rise on almost every e-commerce trending observer list (including ours at TNW) we thought we’d put together a dedicated post to the Groupon scene in the Middle East.

We’ll be updating this table periodically so be sure to check out where the latest daily deals in your country is.

# Site UAE Jordan Lebanon Bahrain Kuwait Egypt KSA
1 GoNabit.com ü ü ü ü
2 Cobone.com ü ü ü ü ü ü
3 waffarna.com ü
4 fustuq.com ü
5 Madinadeal.com ü
6 Makhsoom.com ü ü >
7 Groupon.ae ü
8 Grouponuae.com ü
9 Dailydiscounts.ae ü
10 Wanamax.com ü
11 Cityloots.com ü
12 Offerna.com ü
13 Livingsocial.com ü
14 Aedeals.com ü
15 Dealgobbler.com ü
16 YallaBuyIt ü

Note: Some of these startups have yet to provide local deals. The check boxes represent where they are currently providing deals (or if they haven’t yet launched) are based in/focused on providing deals in that particular country.

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