FoodOnClick: Turkey’s Number One Online Food Ordering Portal Serves Dubai

FoodOnClick: Turkey’s Number One Online Food Ordering Portal Serves Dubai

City of IstanbulMarking the second major project lead by a Turkish entrepreneur in Dubai, opens it’s doors to Dubai food lovers this week.

FoodOnClick comes to compete with established local online food ordering businesses such as by providing a similar service with a different spin: You don’t pay anything extra, just order, and we’ll probably get you a discount from your favorite local restaurant.

With this interesting offer, which they got over 200 restaurants to participate in, FoodOnClick does seem like it will make it’s estimated mark of $2,000,000 dollars in sales for the first 12 months.

FoodOnClick Screenshot

Their business model relies on getting commissions from restaurants according to how much business they generate for the brand.

Taking into consideration the Turkish counterpart of FoodOnClick, made up 20% of Domino’s Pizza sales in Turkey during 2009, and the fact users don’t have to pay extra for the service, in fact they get a discount every now and then, this service seems like it’s going to be staying in the region for a while.

The founder Nevzat Aydin chose UAE to be the business’ 3rd market after Turkey and Russia. With the experience of serving it’s 800,000 strong user base in Turkey alone FoodOnClick plan on raising the bar for online food ordering.

They have invested about $500,000 so far, utilizing the already mature and developed software they are using for their Turkish and Russian portals, FoodOnClick is allocating another $1,000,000 for marketing.

Expect to see them start providing for the rest of UAE within the next 4 weeks, and as far as it looks they should be providing for the entire region in no time.

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