Maktoob enhances Arabic search with Yahoo!

Maktoob enhances Arabic search with Yahoo!

maktoobMaktoob has quickly caught up with Google’s new Arabic search enhancements by launching a Yahoo! powered search in Arabic.

It’s not quite clear what algorithm is being used in the background or if this is a Yahoo! specific solution and not related to Bing. In all cases, this is certainly the first tangible change for Maktoob users since the Yahoo acquisition late last year.

The search engine is currently in its first phase and the Yahoo/Maktoob team seems to be closely monitoring the engine as they’re encouraging people to use it and are promising better results soon.

Yahoo’s PR firm confirms that

This is the first step in Maktoob from Yahoo!’s commitment to facilitate the growth of online Arabic content and accommodate the increasing number of internet users searching for information in the language.

maktoob search

While the search results are responsive and encouraging, it’s interesting to watch Google and Yahoo! battle on an Arabic search ground. We say the more, the merrier!

The main search engine is at Give it a try. We’d love to know what you think.

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