Michael Dell.. misquoted!

Michael Dell.. misquoted!

michael dellAt this day and age, it’s absolutely unacceptable for a tech journalist to listen to Michael Dell for 30 minutes along with a Q&A session and then write a completely different version of what was said.

Michael Dell was one of the speakers at an event hosted by IDC in Dubai yesterday (IDC CIO Summit 2010) and his entire speech revolved around efficiency, cloud computing, virtualization and optimization to reduce spending in order to maximize the potential for growth. In a time of budget cuts and financial difficulties, Michael stressed on the importance of innovation.

What did the DubaiAbu Dhabi-based daily The National come back with?

Dell chief urges more IT spending

They could have took a sneak peak at what the other newspapers like Gulf News or Emirates Business had to say and at least plagiarize!

Seriously?! Michael Dell standing up in front of a crowd of CIOs asking them to spend more money at the time of recession? Some people are just better off covering horse races.

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