Issue v0.7: Artist of the Month – Timothy J. Reynolds

Issue v0.7: Artist of the Month – Timothy J. Reynolds

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Artist of the Month, Timothy J. Reynolds, is brought to you by Kuvva.

Hi, I’m Tim Reynolds, a 3D illustrator currently based in Milwaukee, WI. I was born and raised in the South, originally from Winston-Salem, NC. I picked up the random nickname Turnis when I was a kid and it just stuck.

I went to school for architecture, worked in a design firm or two, then I quit my job, sold everything I owned and left my hometown in 2009. I drove around the country freelancing out of hotel rooms for a while and lived in a few different cities [Denver, Atlanta] for short bits. Then I got a job offer here in Milwaukee a little over 2 years ago and decided to give the Midwest a shot. So [hopefully] that explains it.

Twitter: @turnislefthome


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