This startup’s online video chat platform is more secure than Skype

This startup’s online video chat platform is more secure than Skype

Launched in public beta today, Airwave offers secure software that is open to anyone to use for free, but is geared towards professionals who want to communicate in confidence.

You can arrange a virtual meeting via a link, in an invitation sent via email, or through a plugin on a website for quick access to peer-to-peer video calls. All of the calls are secure, nothing is recorded and no written messages are ever saved.

Airwave has received an A rating from SSL Labs, which the company’s founder and CEO Olivier de Jong told TNW was because live, browser-to-browser communication is less easy to target with a ‘man in the middle’ attack.

By comparison, Skype only gets a C.

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Credit: Airwave

The platform is built using Web RTC, meaning it quickly works across the world’s most popular Web browsers and, unlike something like Skype, it means you don’t have to install any software or create accounts and add contacts.

Future appointments can be scheduled ahead of time, with a link pinged to the relevant person before the meeting goes live, and you can add a plugin to your website that lights up when you’re free for an appointment.

The company also offers a $5 per month subscription, which enables users to offer paid meetings to clients where they can charge up to $250 per session, think doctors or lawyers. Airwave takes a 10 percent cut of and this is facilitated via PayPal.

If you’re using it for business, you can also set up different departments and use it to manage customer service conversations as well.

An iOS app is also coming soon, de Jong said, as well as multi-user access to the chat function for Web customer service.


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