1Password no longer pasting in webforms? Here’s an easy fix

1Password no longer pasting in webforms? Here’s an easy fix

Like developer Derek Prior, I have found a number of websites have begun blocking paste operations into password fields, a particular pain on iOS. I’m not sure why, but the annoying upshot is that 1Password, which I use to generate (see Wolfram Alpha’s app for this as well) and store secure passwords, will fail to paste passwords into the proper field when copy/pasting from the app on your iPhone or iPad. You can still use their extension, as it fills the field instead of using a paste command. Any similar tool will have the same problem due to how web devs are blocking the onpaste event.

But Derek has a fix. He whipped up some handy javascript to strip out the offending onpaste event doing the blockage. Like a deft Judo move, this bookmarklet clears the way for 1Password to do its magic. After all, 1Password is one of our 5 apps every Mac user should install, and with wifi sync on iOS, it’s one of the easiest ways to take your passwords on the go.

Just drag the ‘allow pwpaste’ bookmark onto your bookmark bar and click it when a password paste fails. He, and I, recommend you use iCloud to sync it to mobile Safari, where you can then strip out the onpaste and then paste a password within mobile Safari.

It’s a clever workaround to an annoying problem. Thanks Derek!

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