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  • Can we make digital money transfer great again?

    As a freelancer working with people around the world, I tend to use these tools not because I particularly like any one of them, but because I don’t have a choice. I grudgingly accept the long wait times and obscenely huge processing fees for the same reason I keep riding that crappy train to work: because there simply isn’t a better option. While digital money transfer companies highlight benefits like fast transfer-to-bank times, good exchange ...

  • Amazon gets patriotic while Google embraces censorship

    Wired 25 was attended by some of the biggest names in tech, and Amazon and Google's bosses both took the opportunity to get ...

  • Anybody can animate with CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pro for Mac and Windows, now over 50% off

    CrazyTalk Animation 3 Pro thrives on a reputation for ease of use, allowing even virtual beginner animators to produce basic sequences with the least amount of effort. Mac and Windows users can test out this nimble, yet powerful app at a $100 savings with this limited time TNW Deals offer at just $79.

  • Hands-on: Huawei's Mate 20 Pro is the most ambitious phone in recent memory

    Huawei could have just delivered the P20 Pro this year and left it at that. It was one of the most feature-packed smartphones I've ever tested, and its unique triple-camera array featured the largest sensor we've seen in a modern smartphone. It was enough to earn the P20 Pro the highest DxOMark score yet - something no phone has been able to beat seven months later. The Mate 20 Pro takes everything that was great about its predecessor and dials ...

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