YouTube launches localized website for Colombia

YouTube launches localized website for Colombia

Google has announced that it’s launching a localized version of YouTube in a fourth Latin American country, with Colombia now following in the footsteps of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Susana Pabon, Communication Manager for Google in Colombia, said:

“With a local version of YouTube, Colombians will now be able to more easily discover content and share local talent from within their country.”

The statement says that would be live from yesterday, though at the time of writing, the website doesn’t actually seem to be live yet.

Back in October we reported that YouTube had launched a localized version of the video-streaming website in Kenya, followed shortly after by the Philippines and then Singapore, whilst last month we reported it had increased its language support to 51 vernaculars, by adding IsiZulu and Afrikaans for South Africa.

“The advent of YouTube Colombia also has economic implications, especially for users who create videos that people share frequently”, says Pabon. “Users with the most watched or popular videos may apply to be part of YouTube’s partner program, which already provides economic benefits to more than 20,000 members worldwide.”

YouTube is now localized for over 35 countries around the world.

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