Here are the 9 titles Netflix purged due to government censorship

Here are the 9 titles Netflix purged due to government censorship
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In its 23 years of service, Netflix has removed only nine pieces of content due to government censorship.

In a new report titled Environmental Social Governance, the streaming giant revealed that over the years it has received takedown requests from the governments of New Zealand, Vietnam, Germany, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. The first ever takedown notice came from New Zealand in 2015, but Singapore is by far the most active.

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Here are the nine titles Netflix removed over the years:

  • The Bridge (New Zealand, 2015)
  • Full Metal Jacket (Vietnam, 2017)
  • Night of the Living Dead (Germany, 2017)
  • Cooking on High (Singapore, 2018)
  • The Legend of 420 (Singapore, 2018)
  • Disjointed (Singapore, 2018)
  • Saudi Arabia (an episode from Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj) (Saudi Arabia, 2019)
  • The Last Temptation of Christ (Singapore, 2019)
  • The Last Hangover (Singapore, 2020)

For what it’s worth, Netflix aims to make as much content as possible available on its platform, but it says it’ll ultimately comply with removal notices if a country has forbidden the distribution of certain titles.

This is the first time Netflix has revealed the list of titles that have been removed following government pressure, but the company intends to continue disclosing such information in the future. “Beginning next year, we will report these takedowns annually,” the company writes in the report.

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