Get marketing lessons from the most successful brands at Boost online event

Get marketing lessons from the most successful brands at Boost online event

2020 threw the marketing industry for a loop. Consumers began behaving in radically new ways, shaped by a pandemic and powerful social justice movements. If we had forgotten that change is the only constant – we never will again!

As businesses find their feet, now is the moment to shift gears from adapting to accelerating. Enter Boost Couch Conference – an online event from TNW bringing together CMO’s and leaders from companies like Uber and Klarna to define tactics for maximizing your marketing ROI.

Expanding on Re:Brand (one of the most popular tracks at TNW’s flagship event), Boost will cover an even greater scope of digital marketing content, breaking new ground on both brand and data-driven growth marketing.

Here are a few speakers we’re excited about:

Jon Chang, Head of Growth, Klarna

Jon will guide us through cross-border consumer growth strategies, integrating cultural differences and automation. Learn how to choose the marketing stack that works!

Eugenie Teasley, Social Impact, Uber

Eugenie will help us understand how brands can find the sweet spot where societal impact meets business outcomes – beyond marketing. 

Javier Amigo Miranda, CMO & Global Movement Director, Too Good To Go 

Javier will explain how leaning on brand mission, over data, can be a successful path for a company.

Join us at Boost on April 15th, 2021 and rub (digital) shoulders with other CMOs, Heads of Brand, and Marketing Directors. This is an opportunity to build your network of marketing leaders, and see how you can leverage the knowledge and tech of the world’s most successful brands.

Secure your early bird ticket to Boost Couch Conference now!

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