Adobe’s new Photoshop Camera app puts AI-powered filters on your phone

3D model, head scan
Credit: M. Beedham

Adobe just announced a new version of Photoshop for your smartphone, but it’s nothing like the one you use on your PC. Instead, the new Photoshop Camera is meant to take your Instagram game to the next level: it’s basically a photo filter app on steroids, using AI to implement a variety of customizable filter styles.

Of course, there is no shortage of filter apps, so Adobe is trying to differentiate itself with the quality and range of styles in these filters. Rather than simply providing a retro film look or a few popular art styles, Photoshop Camera is able to use Adobe’s Sensei AI to recognize an image’s subject and provide style recommendations.

This isn’t just for photos of people either: Photoshop can suggest specific filters for landscapes and food too. A filter called ‘Fantasy Skies,’ for instance, adds galaxies, moons, or planets to the skies in your photos. Another called blossom adds flowery imagery behind and in front of your subject. Moreover, the app allows you to resize and move around some of these elements, while maintaining proper placement around your image. The company also says new filters will be added “all the time.”

It seems something of a stretch to call this app ‘Photoshop‘ considering there’s a minimal amount of editing features, but it looks fun if filters are your jam. You can sign up to preview the app today – it will be available widely in 2020.

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