Apple may be reconsidering 3D Touch on future iPhones

Apple may be reconsidering 3D Touch on future iPhones

By now you might’ve heard the rumor Apple is planning to release a cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone this year, following the notch-tastic style of the iPhone X but using an LCD screen to save money. Now we might know one more way Apple is planning on cutting costs.

Saving money: According to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the 6.1-inch iPhone may not feature the 3D touch functionality that’s been deeply integrated into iOS. – at least not in its current form.

But why? The 6.1-inch iPhone is expected to include an updated touch technology called a cover glass sensor (CGS). This will move the iPhone’s touch recognition to the glass rather than the display,  resulting in a lighter and more resilient screen. However, it would also increase the price of the touch panel by about 15 percent. Hence the removal of 3D touch, offsetting the price increase.

What’s next? The report indicates the CGS will include an additional thin-film sensor, the purpose of which remains a mystery. It’s possible this could be used to somehow replace the current 3D Touch module, but there’s nothing really pointing in that direction. Previous reports have suggested apple is working on touch-less gesture controls, but that technology is supposedly a couple of years out.

3D Touch is one of those features that people either love and use all the time, or never bother with. It’s also not essential for iOS – Apple has yet to release an iPad with 3D touch, for instance. If the company can deliver a new iPhone for $550, I’m sure Apple fans won’t fault the omission too much.

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