Facebook’s privacy lockdown broke Tinder


In case you haven’t heard, Facebook’s been having a rough time. Misuse of user data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal may have affected as many as 87 million users, so Facebook decided to seriously clamp down on the amount of data developers could use.

That little move happened to break Tinder.

As spotted by New York Magazine, Facebook’s privacy changes seem to have caused something to go wrong with the way Tinder uses Facebook information. Users were logged out of their accounts, asked to log back in, and the caught in a loop.

That’s going to screw up a lot of people’s hook ups.

Jokes aside, it could really suck if you had plans and suddenly you can’t communicate with your date. That said, it doesn’t appear to affect every user, and two of us here at TNW were unable to replicate the problem using newly minted Tinder accounts.

Facebook confirmed the issue is related to its privacy lockdown in a statement to NY Mag:

This was part of the changes that we announced today, and we are working with Tinder to address this issue.

Still, it seems to be mostly specific to Tinder, as we haven’t heard much from the myriad of other apps using Facebook APIs. Shoot us a message if you’re experiencing Facebook-related troubles with any other apps.

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