The Growth40 is a list of New York’s biggest growth drivers in digital under 40

The Growth40 is a list of New York’s biggest growth drivers in digital under 40

A wise man (Naval Ravikant) once said: “It’s never been easier to start a company. It’s never been harder to build one.”

While all you need is a computer, an internet connection and some server access to start a project, things get complicated when it comes to building something that can stand the test of time by growing and pleasing customers so much that they’re willing to pay.

To make a great product into a successful one, your company needs superior marketing, sales, design, and internal processes, as well as a water-tight business model. In other words, it takes a great team made up of exceptional people who know how to drive growth.

In order to highlight these people, we’re introducing the Growth40: our list of New York’s most inspiring growth leaders in digital under 40.

So, if 2017 has been a year defined by negative churn, high user acquisition rates, plummeting CACs, rising LTVs and general exponential growth, take a minute to reflect on your contribution. If these successes couldn’t have happened without you, make sure that you’re on this list

Here’s how it works

Submit your application here. We expect you to include basic figures as evidence, not only of the impressive growth that has been achieved at your company, but also of how you made a direct contribution to those results.

Mark yourself as busy on December 12th. We’ll be announcing the winners at TNW New York: our invite-only event for tech, communication, and media businesses. If you’re selected, we’ll let you know a week in advance and provide you with a free ticket.

Check your inbox on December 7. TNW experts will assess each application carefully and select the 40 most-deserving candidates.

Enjoy your new-found recognition. Join us as our guests at TNW New York on December 12th to celebrate your success. We’ll publish the full list on our homepage on December 15th.

Apply now or nominate a colleague

If the contribution you’ve made to your company’s growth is something worth shouting about, submit your application for the Growth40 now.

If you’re here on behalf of somebody else, you can nominate a colleague for the Growth40 here.

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