Reanimate your career through the power of creativity

Reanimate your career through the power of creativity

Sometimes when you’ve “arrived” in your career, you’ve simply arrived. Landing that dream job in a high-level, professional role is an impressive and noteworthy accomplishment—but what happens once you’re there?

Like all transitional periods in life, the time to shift gears professionally requires an open sense of what’s possible, and thoughtful consideration. Whether you seek to profoundly transform your career, broaden your network–or impact the global market– you’ll need both creative ideation and an almost scientific commitment to methodology—you need design thinking.

Design possesses a power beyond the commercial importance we’ve placed on it. As creatives, we’re taught (or learned along the way) to think of design as a way to solve problems and convey important, meaningful concepts to broad audiences.

Problem-solving is becoming more rooted in design principles of empathy for the consumer, driving change that is making a host of industries more human-focused and people-centered than at any other time.

As a result, design thinking has been successfully adopted by companies like Google, IBM, Apple, and Ideo to reset their collective focus, rethink consumer experience, and push their teams to the very forefront of innovation.

Keep challenging yourself

A hub for design-led education and innovation, Open Campus, The New School’s progressive approach to continuing education, caters specifically to professionals and organizations seeking to use creativity to think past convention—and bolster their businesses and careers.

With a range of world-renowned faculty at their disposal, Open Campus allows professionals to take advantage of a diverse set of programs including certificates in Design Leadership for Business, Digital Marketing, flexible online courses, and short courses in design thinking.

Fueled by curricula with Parsons School of Design, a top rated design school and part of The New School in NYC, executives not only gain design inspiration, but also an invaluable, globally diverse network of adults aiming to break new ground within their industries with their Global Executive Masters in Strategic Design and Management. Together, they launch entrepreneurial ventures of their own, and push their teams–and resumes–to the cutting-edge of economic shifts.

So, how will you grow in this new economy? How will you continue to challenge yourself both personally and professionally? Now is the time to breathe new life into your career through the power of creative, design innovation.  

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