WannaCry savior pleads not guilty to creating banking malware

WannaCry savior pleads not guilty to creating banking malware

MalwareTech, the security researcher catapulted to global fame after stopping the WannaCry ransomware, has plead not guilty to creating software used to harvest banking credentials.

The UK-based malware expert, whose real name is Marcus Hutchins, was arrested at the Virgin Atlantic business class lounge at Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport on August 3 as he waited for his flight home, after attending the DEF CON hacking conference.

Prosecutors have slapped Hutchins with six hacking and wiretapping charges, which he denies. These largely pertain to the Kronos banking malware, which largely targeted customers of UK-based banks during 2014 and 2015. They also allege he helped a (currently unknown) co-defendant market and sell Kronos.

According to Motherboard’s Lorenzo Franchesini-Bicchierai, while he awaits trial, Hutchins will be allowed to travel and reside in Los Angeles, California. The charges were filed in Milwaukee. Hutchins will also be allowed to access the Internet, but according to Franchesini-Bicchierai, will not be allowed to continue his Wannacry work.

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