Uber’s boat service makes waves with Croatian locals

Uber’s boat service makes waves with Croatian locals
Credit: Uber

Uber is testing new waters in Europe — literally. The company today launched a branch of its BOAT service for tourists in Croatia, which will allow visitors to get transportation in the Adriatic sea via the Uber app.

UberBOAT lets users charter specific trips between cities Split and Dubrovnik and island Hvar for up to 12 people. The trips aren’t cheap, mind you — a trip from the mainland to the island will cost about $400, and the price goes up with more passengers.

This might be good for tourists, but the company is not popular among local professionals. Croatian taxi drivers took to the streets recently to protest Uber, which they claim has been operating in the country illegally. They’re apparently aiming to have Croatia join other countries who have pushed (or tried to push) Uber out.

No word on whether Uber’s boats are as disliked as its taxis, but the company will be competing with more entrenched local services for tourist customers.

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