Tweeten 2 updates the best Tweetdeck replacement with filters and better GIF support

Tweeten 2 updates the best Tweetdeck replacement with filters and better GIF support

I live in Twitter. It’s where I find stories, communicate with my peers, and rant about PRs. That said, I’m not hugely impressed with the default Twitter web interface, which separates messages and the timeline into two disparate areas. Tweetdeck doesn’t do anything for me, either.

Tweeten, however, is an intriguing little project. Launched almost eighteen months ago, this is a standalone version of Tweetdeck that comes bundled as an application, but has been skinned and customized within an inch of its life.

Today saw the launch of Tweeten 2. This is a pretty significant update. In addition to the usual performance and visual enhancements, it comes with some new features designed to please any hardcore Twitter power user.

A huge part of using Twitter is sharing GIFs and Emojis. Tweeten 2 emphasizes this, and boasts a built-in emoji picker. This is very similar to the one found in the mainstream Twitter web application, and makes using the little cartoon icons super easy.

It also improves how it handles GIFs, giving users the option to download and pause the short clips. It also introduces a GIF Zoom feature, which allows you to view GIFs at their largest size.

According to Tweeten’s Mehedi Hassan, the service plans to launch a built-in GIF search feature. This is expected to land by summer, 2017.

Tweeten 2 also incorporates a filter, allowing users to mute phrases, words, hashtags, and applications.

You can check out Tweeten 2 from today, available for Windows 10 and MacOS.

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