Ebay starts price-matching Amazon in struggle for consumer attention

Ebay starts price-matching Amazon in struggle for consumer attention

In its continuing divergence from its original form as an auction site, eBay now offers price-matching through its Deals site. Up to 50,000 items will be available will now come with a price-matching guarantee, meaning if you find it for a lower price on another site, eBay will match the price.

The shopping site has been undermined in recent years by juggernaut Amazon, as well as increased online presences from stores like Walmart and Best Buy. In response, it has increased its shipping speed to compete with Amazon Prime’s shipping options. Still, if it’s available on another site for the same price, I’m not sure there’d be much to entice me to buy from eBay.

Note that these price-matching opportunities will be all through the Deals site. There’s no word on whether this will apply to items that are not in stock on other websites. I bring that up because the primary reason I go to eBay is when someone buys up limited items from stores and sells them for insanely marked-up prices on the site.

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