Lyft bests Uber (and others) in latest diversity report

Lyft bests Uber (and others) in latest diversity report
Credit: Lyft / Instagram

This week, Lyft released its first diversity report, accounting for the gender and ethnicity of its employees. And, for a tech company, it has a greater than average number of female employees.

According to the report, 42-percent of Lyft employees in total identify as female, and 36-percent of leadership. This gives it a leg up on its main competition, Uber. In the latter’s 2017 diversity report, 36-percent of its employees are female.

On the tech side, things are a little bleak. 15-percent of Uber’s tech employees are women, while Lyft’s numbers are slightly better at 18-percent. It’s not encouraging that so few of both companies’ engineers are female, overall. That said, in terms of overall diversity, Lyft is ahead of the pack.

Facebook‘s employees are 33-percent female. Apple, 32-percent. Google, 31-percent. Amazon and Twitter fare slightly better at 39- and 37-percent, respectively. According to Information is Beautiful, no company had an even split of men and women in 2016, though Pandora did come close at 48-percent. Only 5 out of 23 companies could beat Lyft’s current number of female employees.

Lyft says that the numbers aren’t ideal yet:

Today, the diversity of our team isn’t where we want it to be. But we know our destination, which is to make Lyft a reflection of the communities we serve. To get there, we have to acknowledge where we are today.

Still, it’s doing better than most, and measurably so.

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