Manchester opens doors to those stranded by the Arena explosion with #RoomForManchester

Manchester opens doors to those stranded by the Arena explosion with #RoomForManchester

Something awful has happened in Manchester. It’s still early, and the full details aren’t yet known. What we do know is that Greater Manchester Police has confirmed an explosion took place at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, and at least twenty-two people are dead. Authorities are treating it as a terrorist incident.

It’s almost too hard to think about. The audience would have been packed with young children. Scrolling through the Manchester hashtag, you can see tweets from frantic parents and family members, trying to find where their loved ones are.

The attack has caused chaos to Manchester. A huge swathe of the city center is under police cordon. Public transportation is disrupted. The Manchester Arena has a capacity of 21,000, and many of those are stranded, unable to get home.

To help those, Mancunians are opening up their homes, hotel rooms, and offices with the #RoomForManchester hashtag. They’re offering their beds, couches, phone chargers, and cups of tea.

Already, hundreds of people have offered their help, with more offers trickling in every second. This doesn’t surprise me. I live just down the road from Manchester, and I know it to be a kind-hearted city, with a real sense of community spirit.

For reliable updates on the Manchester Arena explosion, follow the Greater Manchester Police Twitter account.

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