Someone posted the codes to every United cockpit online

Someone posted the codes to every United cockpit online

Over the weekend, someone inadvertently leaked United Airline’s cockpit door codes online online.

Anyone who wants to access a cockpit needs a code to get in. Even then, the pilots can override and block their entrance, but merely having the codes would be a coup for anyone looking to cause mischief on a flight.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the breach wasn’t the result of hacking, but someone posting the codes to “a public website.” It appears to be human error, and the company said in a memo that it was working on “corrective action.”

The breach was apparently fixed on Sunday. In the meantime, the airline warned pilots to take extra precautions, including visually confirming identity before opening the door to someone — good advice for anyone.

via TechCrunch

United’s Cockpit Door Security Codes Inadvertently Revealed on Wall Street Journal

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