The world’s first sex doll brothel could be headed to the UK

The world’s first sex doll brothel could be headed to the UK
Credit: LumiDolls

Sex doll brothels might soon become a global phenomenon, if the LumiDolls (NSFW) have their way. Reportedly, the owners of the dolls want to open a new location in the UK.

Ah, LumiDolls — how I’ve missed you. Writing about the LumiDolls was one of my first assignments here at The Next Web, and I got (maybe a little too) attached to them. When I heard the brothel they operated out of in Barcelona was closing — ostensibly because of a complaint from human prostitutes, but also due to trouble with the owner of the building — I was a little bummed.

But according to an interview with The Daily Star, the owner of the LumiDolls’ brother is looking for an investor to finance a new location in the UK:

We are currently in the process of expanding and looking for more franchisees in other countries. If anyone is interested in the brand, you can contact us.

I don’t have enough money to do more than suggest they bring Aki, Lily, and Katy over here to the States, but suggest it I shall. After all this time, I’d like to at least meet them.

via GQ

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