Give your partner a break: Bring your kids to TNW Conference

Give your partner a break: Bring your kids to TNW Conference

If you’ve read any of my previous emails, you know I like to integrate my family life into my professional life as much as possible.

My two daughters have keys to our office and often do homework there. I’ll host dinners at my house with partners and speakers, and my kids will be right there at the table. Or I bring them along on business trips, which have been some of the best trips in my life. And during our conference, I make sure they have some sort of job to do so they acquire a bit of work experience.

Obviously I want every parent to have the same opportunity for their kids. Not just at my company, but also at the businesses I work with. And I want it for you, too.

I hate it when entrepreneurs say they don’t have time to see their families because they work too hard. I work hard, and see my kids all the time.

Sometimes it is rather impractical to bring your kids. Like when you have to attend a conference and have a five year old child to take care off. But at TNW, we don’t want anyone interested in attending TNW Conference not be able to join because of their kids. So here are a few things we’re doing to help:

• Children under age 5 receive free entrance.
• Children 2 to 5 can enjoy free daycare in our newly launched daycare space. Sign up here if you’d like more information.
• Children 6 to 16 can gain conference access for a €49 add-on to your conference pass.
• Nursing mothers who prefer more privacy when breastfeeding are welcome to take advantage of a  comfortable, dedicated space in our medic post.

Keeping work and private lives separate is a waste of energy and a missed opportunity to teach children some valuable life lessons. Let’s work together to make our industry more inclusive, including for parents and children.

See you in a few weeks.

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