White House promises it’s saving Trump’s tweets (even the deleted ones)

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Two Senators raised concerns last month about whether Trump’s tweets were being saved, even the ones he deletes. Now the National Archives are reassuring everyone the tweets are saved — they double-checked with the White House just to make sure.

David S. Ferreiro, the head of the National Archives and Records Administration, assured Senators Claire McCaskill and Tom Carper that all of the President’s tweets, even the deleted ones, are being saved.

We don’t know if it’s exactly illegal for Trump to delete his tweets, since as the President all his statements have to be on the record. But it’s certainly questionable, and it’s commendable that the Archives are taking steps to makes sure his every passing thought on Twitter is preserved for posterity.

How the White House is doing this goes unexplained. The official POTUS account will be automatically archived by Twitter and documented for the Archives. But what about Trump’s personal account, which he uses every day?

Do they take screenshots, like us commoners? Do they have some system of archiving that survives impulsive deleting? Are printouts of Trump’s typo-filled tweets filling a binder somewhere? We need answers to these burning questions.

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