YouTube Kids features some pretty disturbing content

YouTube Kids features some pretty disturbing content
Credit: Smile Kids TV/YouTube

In case you needed reminding, monitor what your children watch on YouTube. That innocuous-looking cartoon may be something disturbing.

BBC Trending investigated the multitude of YouTube videos which look superficially like children’s cartoons, but contain violent or terrifying imagery. It found several channels dedicated to that kind of content, some with millions of views.

Some of the content was originally found by journalist Laura June, who had the unpleasant experience of watching a video of “Peppa Pig” with her three-year-old. In the video, Peppa is drugged by a sadistic dentist and has her teeth pulled while she screams in agony. Not exactly something you’d want the average three-year-old to see.

And if you think you can bypass these videos by letting your kids use the YouTube Kids app … think again.

June commented that the app has an automated filter, meaning it will let some stuff through. In this case, it’s fake Peppa Pig videos and other disturbing content, which look very close to the authentic animation.

YouTube — like any other content provider — has its share of unpleasant stuff. Exercise caution when letting children watch. YouTube recommends turning on Restricted Mode to help cut down on the bad stuff.

Several of the original videos the BBC found have since been deleted.

The disturbing YouTube videos that are tricking children on BBC

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