These Girl Scouts are making an insanely cute video game about s’mores

These Girl Scouts are making an insanely cute video game about s’mores
Credit: Girl Scouts San Diego

Combining Girl Scout cookies and video games is always a win. Now you can do it while helping the Scouts learn about coding.

The Girl Scouts of San Diego have a Kickstarter for a game the Scouts will be making, Marshmallow Run. They’re hoping to raise $25,000 to fund the game’s design, which will be done entirely by Scouts as they learn about programming, game design, and project management.

Marshmallow Run promises to be platformer game in which players guide cookies and marshmallows through Scout activities, like camping. It looks exactly as adorable as it sounds.

Marshmallow Run is part of a special badge program offered to San Diego Girl Scouts by Design/Code/Build. Other events in the program include a coding bootcamp, product design workship, and learning how to host a Minecraft server.

The choice of cookie is not random: Girl Scouts recently added S’mores to its repertoire of cookie flavors to commemorate the 100th anniversary of cookie sales.

Design/Code/Build will also hold a Game Coding Hackathon to teach Scouts how to build the cookie-themed game in September. Once finished, the game will be available on Scratch, iOS, and Android.

The Kickstarter closes on February 26.

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