Here’s how you can volunteer your home on Airbnb for stranded travelers

Here’s how you can volunteer your home on Airbnb for stranded travelers
Credit: Airbnb

On Saturday, Donald Trump shocked the world by barring nationals from seven nations – Libya, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and Somalia – from the United States. The knock-on effect from this was that hundreds were stranded at airports both within the United States or abroad.

The ban horrified many in the technology and startup community, with founders, CEOs, and industry thought leaders all coming out in condemnation.

Among them was CEO and co-founder of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, who on Saturday described the executive order as ‘not right’. Chesky also said that Airbnb would accommodate those displaced by the ban, completely free of charge. Those with immediate need, he added, should get in touch with him.

Until today, details on the specifics of this weren’t forthcoming. But now we’ve learned how Airbnb wants to go about doing it.

So far, Airbnb has been working with people who have reached out directly to the company, aiming to place them with hosts within their network. According to spokesman for the company, it’s also working with aid organizations to identify those who might be in need of temporary housing.

Hosts willing to help can register to offer their property for free. Already, on Twitter, there have been some expressions of willingness to help.

In markets where the supply of volunteered housing doesn’t meet the demand, Airbnb will step in and subsidize certain listings. The company’s goal is to make sure that nobody is left stranded.

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