Mario and Luigi: Now a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy

Mario and Luigi: Now a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy

Super Mario Bros is enjoying a bit of a revival at the moment, thanks to the runaway success of Super Mario Run and the nostalgia-tastic NES Classic Mini.

Case in point: Mario, Luigi and friends are coming to a McDonald’s Happy Meal near you (provided you live in the UK, that is). Leaked promotional material sourced from Nintendo Life shows the iconic boxes will go on sale from Wednesday, January 11. Already, some people are reporting getting their hands on one a bit early.

Over the course of four weeks, customers will be able to collect Yoshi, Mario, Red Shell, Peach, Super Star and Blocks, Bowser, Luigi, and Piranha Plan toys.

The timing for this is impeccable. Nintendo plans to launch the convertible Switch console in March, with a rumored Mario title in tow.

It’s little things like this that’ll introduce the franchise to a younger audience.

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