Opera 42’s built-in currency converter makes international shopping painless

When you shop on international sites,  it’s difficult to know how much you’re actually spending. Currency conversions are hard. I mean, who actually knows how many euros there are to a dollar off by heart? Thankfully, there’s a new feature in Opera 42 that you (and let’s face it, your credit card) will love.

Say it with me. Automatic. Currency. Conversions. 

Now, when you see a figure in a currency other than your local one, just hover over it with your mouse, or drag-and-select it. Opera will then automatically convert it without you having to go to another website, like Google or Xe.

Opera also lets you seamlessly change the target currency, should you wish to. There’s 32 major currencies on offer, and the exchange rates are based on figures direct from the European Central Bank.

The update comes just in time for the twilight of the Christmas shopping season. It’s one of many features (like the free, integrated VPN) that have found their way to Opera over the past year that are made it a browser truly worthy of consideration.

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