Personal attention is scalable

Personal attention is scalable

Stand in front of an audience and focus on a group of about 50, to the audience, you’re talking directly to them.

Walk up to a group of four people, shake hands and have a quick chat with one, and the whole group feels like they spoke with you.

Send a personal email daily to just one of your clients, and your whole customer base will feel like you are approachable and personal.

Turns out, personal attention is scalable after all.

I automate the hell out of my email, giving me the opportunity to give personal attention (sometimes too much) to emails I actually care about. The email you’re reading right now, reaches roughly 250,000 people, every Friday, and I get a lot of replies. To day, I’m proud to say I’ve replied to each and every one of those. Sometimes with just a smiley. Sometimes with a few sentences. Sometimes I end up with an extremely long chain of email replies. And I think it’s worth it.

Paying extra attention is not a loss for your company, and it’s a cheap investment. The extra care you take will reverberate through to all of your key stakeholders – your audience, customers, and employees.

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