LinkedIn’s Salary tool will tell you if you’re being underpaid

LinkedIn’s Salary tool will tell you if you’re being underpaid

Today, LinkedIn’s Economic Graph Initiative launched LinkedIn Salary – a portal that collects and analyzes data about job compensation. The tool will allow people to understand salary trends in their particular field.

Users can take a more granular look at the data, refining it by industry and years of experience. In addition, it will also highlight additional compensation, such as signing on bonuses and commission.


To access more detailed data, users are requested to share their salary. LinkedIn says that this will be kept securely, and not shared with recruiters. Premium LinkedIn members can access all the data without sharing their salary.

It’s obvious that with this, LinkedIn is aiming to dethrone GlassDoor. Given that LinkedIn is the larger website, and already has a captive audience of almost 460 million members, Salary could give it a serious leg up on the competition.

Salary on LinkedIn

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