I love a good story

I love a good story

I love a good story.

I love the theatrics behind a good story, and I enjoy telling them as well.

Stories ignite our imagination and bring clarity where they may have been none. They let us leap over cultural walls.

It’s imperative that entrepreneurs be good storytellers. When you’re selling your product or service, you’ll need to pitch and explain it a million times – and the best way to do that is with a great narrative.


Stories need to be true, or as close to the truth as possible. But sometimes every day anecdotes can be improved upon when an element of embellishment is added. Or you shift the timeline a bit to make the plot more effective. You’re not lying exactly, but you are changing a few facts to make the story work.

Once you’ve begun tweaking your storylines, it becomes easier to tell a story that might not be true at all.

A few weeks ago a friend asked my feelings towards a certain subject. Just as I was about to open my mouth, he said, “But really, be honest.” I swallowed my words and really needed to think for a few moments as I’d grown accustomed to merely telling a story I thought fitting. And I recognize this with a lot of my fellow entrepreneurs.

We say we’re doing great even if we don’t feel great at all. We stay optimistic and excited, though our stomachs are churning and we’re on the brink of a panic attack. Some of us become so good at storytelling that we turned into bullshitters. So I’m making it a habit to be more honest.

I still love telling a good story, but I’d rather it was a new and true story than an old and polished one where the facts are a bit distorted. So now tell me honestly, how are YOU doing today?

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