Jaguar and Gorillaz’s Noodle team up to get more young people into tech

Noodle is perhaps the most well-known cartoon guitarist in the world. For just shy of twenty years, she has been a pivotal member of Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz. And she’s managed to do it while not actually existing.

Now she’s had a bit of a career change, and has teamed up with Jaguar Racing to get more young people into science, technology, engineering, and math through its Race To Innovate campaign.

You can watch the simian strummer tear up a Formula One track in the video above.

In a statement, Noodle said “the young minds of today are the engineers of tomorrow. We are in the driving seat and our imaginations are the fuel. It’s time to lead the charge and build a better world!”

According to Fiona Pareter, Jaguar Land Rover’s Head of Communications, the UK will face a shortfall of 300,000 skilled engineers by 2022. “It’s our responsibility to change this future by inspiring young people.”

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