4K ‘Chromecast Ultra’ leaks ahead of October event

4K ‘Chromecast Ultra’ leaks ahead of October event
Credit: Google

Google is reportedly announcing a whole boat load of things at its upcoming October 4 event. While the new Pixel phones have gotten the attention, there’s also a 4K Chromecast on the way – and now it’s leaked.

Evan Blass from VentureBeat corroborates an earlier report from Android Police that the device – known as the Chromecast Ultra – will cost $69 and be sold along the existing Chromecast, which costs $35.

Credit: VentureBeat
Via VentureBeat

I can’t help but feel that’s not a great deal unless Google is packing a ton of new features other than a bumped up resolution. Roku’s new streamers just launched today, with 4K models starting at $80; given they include a remote and let your browse without pulling out your phone, those seem like a bit of a better deal to me.

Interestingly, Google seems to be moving away from the ‘Chrome’ aspect of the hardware other than in the name. The device’s rumored firmware (v1.21) was just released in beta form and removes the current Chromecast logo in favor of a subtle ‘G’ logo.

It’s just another sign the company is getting serious about letting people know it actually makes hardware now; October 4 should be a fun day.

This is the 4K Chromecast Ultra on Venture Beat

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