Hasselblad unveils slick and modular V1D concept camera

Hasselblad unveils slick and modular V1D concept camera

Hasselblad is continuing its 75th anniversary celebration by teasing high end photographers with the V1D, a concept camera inspired by the classic V series. It sounds like a dream.

First off, the camera would use a medium format, 75 MP sensor, but the bigger detail is the square aspect ratio.

Square images may be mostly associated with Instagram nowadays, but there was a time when they were commonplace for film. Among the benefits are using the greatest area of a lens’ image circle and the ability to shoot vertically or horizontally without a difference.

But the V1D’s most unique feature would be its modularity. The main part of the camera is basically a black box, which would allow you to only affix the controls and grips you need, and switch up the cameras layout for lefties. You could have a viewfinder or display on the back or top, or even both.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on if this camera will ever actually come to market, but with the hype around the X1D, hopefully Hasselblad is in an experimental mood.

Speaking of the X1D, one more tidbit for today: that camera will now come in a special edition black color with an extended warranty, the XCD 45mm lens and a hand strap. Meanwhile Hasselblad is also introducing a new wide angle lens to the XCD line, a 30mm F3.5 (24mm in full frame terms).


No word on pricing for any of the announced products, but it’s Hasselblad – so, you know, expensive.

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