The Moto Z is very likely getting an awesome Hasselblad camera mod

The Moto Z is very likely getting an awesome Hasselblad camera mod

The Moto Z has a decent array of Mods, but one rather conspicuous omission at launch was the lack of a better camera (which had previously been leaked). But now another leak via a Chinese Lenovo forum gives us a better look at an upcoming camera module – this one with Hasselblad branding.

You can’t fit a medium format sensor in a Mod that small, but will likely include a larger sensor than what’s already in your phone.

It has a 10X optical zoom, and the 4.5 mm focal length on the wide end makes me think it’s probably a 1/1.7 to 1/2 inch sensor like in some premium compact cameras, giving you a field of view close to a 21 mm to 24 mm lens on a full frame camera.  Meanwhile the 45 mm telephoto end would likely net you an equivalent field of view of around 210 mm to 240 mm.


For comparison, most modern flagship phones have a sensor around 1/3 of an inch. On the other hand, the F3.5 -F6 aperture range isn’t anything to write home about, so don’t expect much bokeh except a bit on the telephoto end, nor dramatically improved low light performance.

The optical zoom means you won’t lose resolution to hone in on faraway subjects, and the Hasselblad branding, if anything, means the lenses array should be high quality. The larger sensor should allow for improved dynamic range too. I would have given up some zoom range for a larger sensor or brighter aperture range, but you can’t have it all.

No word on whether this camera would use its own app, or operate via Motorola’s default camera. My guess is the former, as Motorola’s camera can’t shoot in RAW and is fairly barebones even in Pro mode.

Rumors indicate the camera will be announced at IFA later this year. Here’s to hoping it’s a bit cheaper than most Hasselblad cameras.

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