Hollywood is trying to cash in on Pokémon fever with live-action Detective Pikachu movie

Pokémon Go is officially a phenomenon. Like most things that climb to the top of pop culture’s collective awareness seemingly overnight, Hollywood was quick to swoop in and buy the rights to make a movie about it.

Legendary Pictures plans to do just that with an upcoming Pokémon movie centered around Detective Pikachu, the sometimes cuddly character from a spin-off game for the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year. Legendary is fast-tracking the feature film in hopes of catching some of the hype wave of the Pokémon franchise before it disappears entirely — if that’s even possible.

The Pokémon franchise already has a few films to its credit, but this is its first go at a live-action movie. Whether that plays out as a Garfield-esque foray into the cinematic world of live-action films, or something else entirely, still remains to be seen.

Few details are currently available, but I’m sure we’ll hear more soon.

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