This London startup is using AI to brew beer

This London startup is using AI to brew beer
Credit: IntelligentX / Vimeo

You’ve seen AI achieve incredible things like defeat world champions at Go, describe photos for the visually impaired and operate an elevator. But now, a startup in London has finally figured a genuinely useful application: brewing quality beers.

IntelligentX offers four basic beers, including a classic British golden ale, a British bitter kissed with grapefruit, a hoppy American pale ale and a smokey Marmite brew. Once you’ve tasted them, you can chat with the company’s Messenger bot to share your feedback, which its AI  (built using IntelligentX’s own machine learning algorithm) uses to improve on its recipes.

That means that each batch of beer will have a unique flavor. In addition, IntelligentX says it will publish every recipe that its Automated Brewing Intelligence (ABI) creates, so people can try recreating them on their own.

Via Huffington Post

Update: We misreported that IntelligentX’s AI is powered by IBM Watson. The company actually uses its own machine learning algorithm; we’ve now updated our story to reflect that.


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