Boston Dynamics’ ‘SpotMini’ is a robot dog that’s way better than the real thing

If Boston Dynamics’ ‘Big Dog’ was a bit too terrifying for you, you should give ‘SpotMini’ a go.

The all-electric robot (no hydraulics) weighs 55 pounds and runs for about 90 minutes on a charge — roughly the equivalent of most dogs. It’s also the quietest robot Boston Dynamics has ever produced, which is great for apartment dwellers.

Unlike your dog, it doesn’t need food, water or walks through the park. Charge it occasionally, perform routine maintenance and you’re good to go. It’s also quite a bit more helpful than four-legged fur monsters. Instead of eating your shoes and crapping on your furniture, the SpotMini can be equipped with a robotic neck which allows it to help out around the house.

Whether it’s doing dishes…

… or picking up trash.

… or even providing some comedic value like your current dog.

SpotMini is your dog, only better.

But, like your current dog… sometimes it’s still an asshole.

Introducing SpotMini on Boston Dynamics

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