Check out Oculus’ awesome trailer for its upcoming Touch controllers

Check out Oculus’ awesome trailer for its upcoming Touch controllers

The Oculus Rift launched without one of its most important features, its Oculus Touch motion controllers, making for a VR experience less immersive than competitors like the HTC Vive. But with E3 in full swing, we’re finally getting a better look at just how awesome the new controllers will be when they arrive later this fall.

The company is showing off 30 made-for-VR games – AKA not simple ports of existing titles – and 20 of them come with full Touch controller support. So Oculus has prepared a video:

This is one of our first good looks at just what you can do with the controller. While motion tracking has been pretty good since the Wii MotionPlus and PlayStation’s Move controllers, Oculus’ particular advantage is its gesture tracking system, allowing you to perform different actions based on the position of your fingers.

You could, for instance, summon a shield with one gesture, or launch a fireball with another. It also helps add a degree of finish to sports games, where the position of your fingers could help increase your throwing and catching accuracy.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a price or firm launch date, but Oculus says we’ll find out more as the fall release window approaches. For more of a rundown of what you can do with the Oculus Touch controllers, check out our original post here, or read Oculus’ breakdown of some of the new Touch enabled games below.

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