We gave a startup a bag of money. They gave it all to charity.

We gave a startup a bag of money. They gave it all to charity.

This year’s Hack Battle was all about IoT and attendees didn’t fail to impress with their creative hacks. And with a grand prize awarded to the most impressive product, the 36 hour battle was rife with competition.

The 2016 winner? Fokke Zandbergen, creator of ComeEmpty.me.

The jury – led by our very own Natt Garun – awarded Fokke a massive cup and €2000 to spend as he likes. That’s enough money for a new MacBook or eight bottles of glow-in-the-dark champagne.

Instead, Fokke wants us to transfer the money directly to Compassion – a charity supporting children in poverty.

Credit: The Things Network

Additionally, this June Fokke will cycle 400km through Rwanda and is currently looking for sponsors to gift to the local community.

In his own words:

Since I joined to play rather than win, I have decided to donate the €2,000 to Compassion. This Friday I will travel to Rwanda to see how they provide education and care to over 80,000 children.

You can support Fokke and Compassion’s mission to free Rwandese children from poverty by donating here . Every dollar helps.

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