LinkedIn’s chat stickers and GIFs are still (unsurprisingly) absolutely terrible

LinkedIn’s chat stickers and GIFs are still (unsurprisingly) absolutely terrible

When you think social — and stickers — I bet LinkedIn is the last place you consider. There’s a good reason for that, too — they’re terrible.

As a professional network, LinkedIn is either a handy tool or a necessary evil depending on your perception. Last Fall, LinkedIn tried hard to refresh its service to encourage more of us to use it without wanting to wretch.

Part of that effort was a revamped messenger service for desktop and mobile, adding the ability to send GIFs and stickers like you can on Facebook Messenger.

The problem is — they suck. A lot. The actual stickers look far too 90s, and the GIFs are locked into terrible categories like ‘nailed it,’ ‘cube life’ (shudder) and — wait for it — ‘winning.’

Wouldn’t a nice Giphy tie-in have worked better? It seems to be good enough for Twitter.

Don’t look for LinkedIn to find a solution quickly, though. At its current update cycle, we’ll get LinkedIn chat bots in 2033.

h/t Jeremy Burge

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