LinkedIn’s chat stickers and GIFs are still (unsurprisingly) absolutely terrible

LinkedIn’s chat stickers and GIFs are still (unsurprisingly) absolutely terrible

When you think social — and stickers — I bet LinkedIn is the last place you consider. There’s a good reason for that, too — they’re terrible.

As a professional network, LinkedIn is either a handy tool or a necessary evil depending on your perception. Last Fall, LinkedIn tried hard to refresh its service to encourage more of us to use it without wanting to wretch.

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Part of that effort was a revamped messenger service for desktop and mobile, adding the ability to send GIFs and stickers like you can on Facebook Messenger.

The problem is — they suck. A lot. The actual stickers look far too 90s, and the GIFs are locked into terrible categories like ‘nailed it,’ ‘cube life’ (shudder) and — wait for it — ‘winning.’

Wouldn’t a nice Giphy tie-in have worked better? It seems to be good enough for Twitter.

Don’t look for LinkedIn to find a solution quickly, though. At its current update cycle, we’ll get LinkedIn chat bots in 2033.

h/t Jeremy Burge

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