Product Hunt now has a buy button

Product Hunt now has a buy button

Product Hunt today introduced an e-commerce shop on its website so if you discover something neat, you can go ahead and purchase it without leaving the site.

The Stripe-powered button is a natural move for Product Hunt, which features tons of user-submitted services, gadgets, books, and other general internet finds. Today’s launch is rather limited, however – only six items are available on sale at this time and the company wants to be selective about the stuff available in the shop.


The available products are fairly diverse in price and type, ranging from a $20 Apple charger adapter to a $499 Wi-Fi system. It will be selling and shipping within the United States only (at least for now, CEO Ryan Hoover says), and depending on the product, you may incur extra shipping charges.

At this time, the buy button will not be available on Product Hunt’s mobile apps, but if you’re a fan of Product Hunt selections, now you can get shopping.

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