6 IoT startups to make your stuff smarter

6 IoT startups to make your stuff smarter

Every year, The Next Web holds hundreds of interviews with young startups in order to shortlist the cream of the crop and invite them to Boost, our early-stage growth program at The Next Web Conference.

With the eleventh edition of our flagship Amsterdam conference coming up in May, the TNW Events team has already conducted many interviews (but there’s still time to apply). As the Boost lineup fills out, impressive collection of promising startups from around the world is starting to form.

This week, we’ve selected six Internet of Things startups that are sure to make your stuff smarter. Whether it’s keeping up to date with your home’s power usage and security, or saving money by changing your driving habits, there’s bound to be something here for your wish list.

Check out the six companies that have been invited to participate here, before heading to our Boost page for more information and to submit your company:


From: Espoo, FI

Rollock is a Finnish company that develops, manufacturers and markets smart locks. The company’s design work is based on user feedback and focuses on flexibility of movement, ease of use and safety.

From: Paris, FR

OOCAR helps you monitor your car’s health and your driving, and proposes simple steps to save money every day.

ISocket Systems
From: Varkaus, FIScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 16.03.23

ISocket Systems  supply prompt alerts about problems in the home and help owners prevent costly damage. Read more about their product on TNW.

Connect-In Ltd.iot-2#
From: Glasgow, UK 

Connect-In Ltd. offer LUPO, the Bluetooth Tracker for the things that matter. Find and secure anything.

From: Zurich, CH

Uepaa AG connects people’s devices directly – peer-to-peer – even when a cellular, internet or GPS connection is not available.

From: Orlando, US

Augment is a free augmented reality app that lets you visualise 3D products in your real world, in real time and size, through your device.

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