River opens applications for third ‘Frontier Tech’ accelerator class

River opens applications for third ‘Frontier Tech’ accelerator class

If you’re dreaming of starting the next big company in VR, AR, 3D printing or other technologies people might thing you’re loony for jumping into, then River‘s accelerator program wants you. The program, the “Frontier Technology” arm of Bay Area VC Rothenberg Ventures, just opened up applications for its third class of startups, announcing the move on Medium.

River began its accelerator program in April of last year, and has since had two classes focused primarily on VR for entertainment, healthcare and other industries. Since then, the accelerator has opened up to a variety of moonshot-style technologies: artificial intelligence, robotics, machine vision, drones, space infrastructure, quantum computing and 3D printing are all fair game.

The interesting thing about River’s aim is — unlike many accelerator programs in the area and around the world — it seems focused on getting the craziest of ideas:

We look to fund those that can answer questions like, “why does this HAVE to be in virtual reality?” “Why is NOW the time for this to exist?” “How will this make the customer’s life easier?” The type of companies we invest in through River will look more like magic than technology.

So if you’ve got a crazy idea that just might work, ring these folks up. Applications are open now.

The River Accelerator: Virtual Reality to Frontier Tech [Medium]

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