Woo lets you find a new job on your terms — anonymously

Woo lets you find a new job on your terms — anonymously

Finding a new job is exciting, but there are a lot of variables at stake. A new platform named Woo wants to help you answer questions hanging over your head, before you even accept your offer.

The aim of Woo is to allow tech workers to gauge their value, especially in a new job market. Its research shows that only 30 percent of us are driven by money; the other 70 percent of us derive happiness elsewhere.

You start by telling Woo a bit about yourself, like where you’re currently located and what skills you have.

Job seekers then post their ideal criteria for a new job. You can set a minimum salary, location and position you desire, and choose which benefits are important to you (like working from home).

Potential employers see your profile, and can approach you if they feel they can offer you what you want. Until you and the company start chatting, it’s all anonymous.

Woo says it’s currently seeing a 78 percent success rate with its talent-first hiring process. Employers know up-front what your skills are and what you’re looking for, so there’s less chance for satellite issues to arise during the hiring process.

The company also has $2.35 million in seed funding, which it plans to use to expand its San Francisco-area footprint as it expands to other in-demand markets.

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