Twitter’s new pop-up tweets are awful and people aren’t happy

Twitter’s new pop-up tweets are awful and people aren’t happy

While everyone was mourning the death of the realtime Twitter feed on #RIPTwitter, the company changed the way its Web interface works last week. Now every tweet you click in your timeline is a popup modal — and people aren’t happy about it.

Before, when you clicked it would just slide out to display inline but now the company has changed the way it works to pop open an entirely separate modal to show you a single tweet.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 12.46.18 PM

I use Twitter Web most of the time I’m on a computer and the change is perplexing — the old way was much more elegant, though it’s clear the company is trying to encourage people to read the full conversation in context rather than just parts it.

It’s just one simple change, but it has a jarring effect on the way Twitter Web works — the inline slide-in tweet format was that way for years and the popups can be disorienting when trying to read tweets in context.

Supposedly the change was made because it’s difficult to keep track of conversations, but it’s not really clear if this is any better at all.

What do you think? Hate it or love it? Let us know in the comments!

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