Imagineers: Meet Jason Silva, an enthusiastic optimist about humanity’s great challenges

What do you call people so inspiring, so innovative, they border on genius? At The Next Web, we settled on imagineers. 

We want to offer our favourite entrepreneurs and pioneers a platform to share the visions and insights that will shape our future. This is why, each week, we’ll present you with an exclusive episode of Imagineers.

Produced in partnership with the city of Amsterdam, each episode captures one person’s thought-provoking talk against the backdrop of TNW’s beloved home city, where rich history and culture go hand in hand with innovation and progression – just the right place for TNW Conference.

First up in the series: filmmaker and philosopher Jason Silva, who is best known for his role as presenter of National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games and Discovery Digital’s Shots of Awe.

Described by The Atlantic as “a Timothy Leary of the viral video age”, Silva speaks, with infectious enthusiasm, about how technology can help us tackle humanity’s grand challenges, and why it’s OK to be optimistic.

➤ Catch Jason Silva at TNW Conference in Amsterdam, May 2016

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